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Marilyn was born in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales. Her father was a coal miner. Marilyn trained to be a general nurse and midwife. She found Christ as her Saviour when she was 19 years of age in an evangelistic meeting in Cardiff. From the time of her salvation she has had an unquenchable desire to preach the Gospel and win people for Jesus.

The first major miracle she saw was when she was a young midwife and saw a baby that was confirmed dead come back to life after one and a quarter hours. This miracle was medically recorded and a case conference held the outcome was said to be "an unexplainable case".

Marilyn trained for the ministry in the Elim Bible College, Surrey 1980-1982, following this she became a recognised evangelist and is an Ordained Minister with the Elim Pentecostal Churches. Her first post was pioneering a new church in the dock land Merseyside. Following this she started to itinerate holding local church evangelistic crusades throughout the UK. 20 years ago following a vision she received of a five hundred seater marquee she miraculously came in possession of the marquee and travelled extensively holding major evangelistic events, in later years using the Elim twelve hundred seater marquee and working with groups of churches.

To God's glory this evangelistic ministry has seen multiple thousands of people make decisions for Jesus Christ and many reported miracles of healing including the blind receiving their sight and the deaf hearing. Uncountable people have been delivered and thousands baptised in the Holy Spirit.

One crusade held in Long Eton Derbyshire went from one week to sixteen weeks as the presence of God fell in the meetings. Thousands of people attended from all over the country. Sixteen hundred people responded to the gospel and many amazing miracles of healing were recorded. Reports were made by the national press and the BBC.

Marilyn has a heart for the poor and needy and as part of the evangelistic missions she takes teams into needy areas and is active in food and clothes distribution.

One of her greatest joys is to train and release others in the work of evangelism. As a result of this the Harvest Time School of Evangelism were born training many hundreds of ordinary people in the work of evangelism through the School in Wales and around the country. She is also actively involved at speaking at ladies' conferences and one of the co-leaders of "Nations Company" a women's revivalist movement.

Marilyn is also privileged to travel not only in the UK but overseas in the continent of Africa and Asia and developing links in the continent of Europe holding evangelistic missions and teaching evangelism. Earlier this year she saw thousands of people attend a mission in India where many thousands responded to the Gospel.


Marilyn is based in Newport, Gwent.

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Harvest Time is registered charity under the umbrella of the Elim Church Movement, number: 251549
2005 Harvest Time, All Rights Reserved.

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